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Second degree AV block

A second degree AV block means that the AV node is only working intermittently to transmit the impulse through to the ventricles. This causes extra P waves to be present without a QRS complex after them. There are two main types: Mobitz type I (aka Wenckebach) and type II.

See also: AV Blocks

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In the ECGquest archives, this ECG has been tagged with: - Hypotension Bradycardia Irregular Nonspecific baseline artefact Extra P waves Peaked T waves Wide QRS Second degree AV block Hyperkalemia 12-Lead Dr Pendell Meyers Dr Smith's ECG Blog Dr Ken Grauer CC BY-NC
What will you do for this altered and bradycardic patient?

This ECG is from a woman in her 60s who presented from a nursing home with altered mental status, hypotension, hypoxia and bradycardia.

This ECG shows an irregular rhythm due to second degree AV block with wide QRS and peaked T waves. The cause was hyperkalemia.

In the ECGquest archives, this ECG has been tagged with: - Grouped Capture beat Sinus arrhythmia First degree AV block Second degree AV block 12-Lead ECG Interpretation Dr Ken Grauer CC-BY-NC-SA
ECG Blog #144 (Bradycardia – AV Block – Alternating BBB – High Grade).