Trifascicular block

A trifascicular block is no longer a recommended term. It previously was used to suggest the combination of a right bundle branch block, left anterior or posterior fascicular block and a first or second degree AV block.

See also: Multiple Blocks

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In the ECGquest archives, this ECG has been tagged with: - Syncope 12-Lead Left Axis Deviation Long PR Normal rate RSR' Wide QRS First degree AV block LAFB RBBB Trifascicular block ECG of the Week CC-BY-NC-SA
ECG of the Week – 26th November 2018 – Interpretation

This ECG is from a man in his 60s who presented after an episode of syncope.

This ECG shows bifascicular block (RBBB + LAFB) with a first degree AV block. He underwent pacemaker insertion.