Myocardial Bridging

Myocardial bridging is a congenital defect where a coronary artery tunnels under a bridge of myocardium, which then becomes compressed during systole. It may lead to ischaemia during periods of stress.

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In the ECGquest archives, this ECG has been tagged with: - Dyspnoea Fever 12-Lead Regular Tachycardia Widespread ST elevation Sinus tachycardia Myocardial Bridging Dr Smith's ECG Blog CC BY-NC
Tachycardia, fever to 105, and ischemic ST Elevation — a Bridge too Far 30434

This ECG is from a man in his 50s who presented with a high fever and dysonpea.

This ECG shows sinus tachycardia with widespread ST elevation. He was treated for sepsis but serial ECGs and troponins were abnormal. Angiogram showed a myocardial bridge in the mid LAD.

In the ECGquest archives, this ECG has been tagged with: - Syncope 12-Lead Sinus arrhythmia Myocardial Bridging ECG Interpretation CC-BY-NC-SA
ECG Blog #150 (J-Point – ST Elevation – Pericarditis – Myocardial Bridge – Peaked T Waves – Early Repolarization) 19189

This ECG is from A 19 year old male presented after a syncopal episode.