Upsloping ST depression

Upsloping ST depression can be associated with myocardial ischemia, but less often than horizontal or downsloping ST depression.

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In the ECGquest archives, this ECG has been tagged with: - 12-Lead Coved ST elevation Normal Axis Upsloping ST depression Hyperthermia Dr Smith's ECG Blog CC BY-NC
Hyperthermia and ST Elevation 29503

This ECG is from an elderly woman who presented with altered mental status on a hot summer day.

This ECG shows sinus tachycardia (124), ST elevation in V1-2 and III and upsloping ST depression in I, aVL and V4-6. POCUS did not show a regional wall motion abnormality. The ST changes resolved with active cooling.

In the ECGquest archives, this ECG has been tagged with: - Chest pain Hypotension 12-Lead De Winter T waves Narrow QRS Normal Axis Normal PR Upsloping ST depression Spontaneous coronary artery dissection Acute Anterior MI ECG of the Week CC-BY-NC-SA
ECG of the Week – 8th January 2018 – Interpretation 17317

This ECG is from a woman in her 30s presented following a collapse 5 days post-partum. On arrival to the Emergency Department she was hypotensive ( systolic BP ~80 mmHg) with an altered conscious level, complaining of chest pain and headache.